We’re compiling a list of posts, publications and techniques that we’ve found helpful doing our work.  Feel free to contact Rob if you’d like to know more about any of them.

Policy reports

Smith, R.D.J.; Bernstein, M.J.; Cuttica, F.; O’Donovan, C (2022) Biology, biotechnology and public value: learning from ERA CoBioTech’s approach to Responsible Research & Innovation. Summary of three workshops held in February 2022. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh.

Mathiesen, C.; Smith, R.D.J.; Forsberg, E-M (2022) Guidelines for Responsible Research and Innovation in the context of materials science. M-ERA.NET.

Smith, R.D.J.; Leng, R.; Kamwendo, T.K. (2021) An appraisal of responsible research & innovation in ERA CoBioTech. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh.

Attenborough, R.; Smith, R.D.J.; Kamwendo, Z.T.; DePrie, K. (2020) Results and recommendations of the virtual 2nd Biotech Hub Meeting convened by the ERA-NET Cofund on Biotechnology. Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK).

Smith, R.D.J., Scott, D., Kamwendo, Z.T. & Calvert, J (2019) An Agenda for Responsible Research and Innovation in ERA CoBioTech. Swindon, UK: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Academic publications

Smith, R.D.J., Hartley, S., Middleton, P., Jewitt, T. (2021) Knowing when to talk? Plant genome editing as a site for pre-engagement institutional reflexivity. Public Understanding of Science, 30, 740-758.

Smith, R.D.J. Kamwendo, Z.T., Berndt, A., Parkin, J (2021) Taking knowledge production seriously in responsible research and innovation. Journal of Responsible Innovation.

Working papers

These are working drafts of academic papers — email us for a copy!

Smith, R.D.J.; Schäfer, S.; Bernstein, M.J.B. Governing beyond the project: Refocusing innovation governance in science and technology funding.

Kamwendo, Z.T.; Smith, R.D.J.; Scott, D., Calvert, J. Distributed Responsible Research and Innovation: Developing a framework for RRI in a multinational funding programme.